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BET Sunday Best Recap 08/12/12 : Kizzy Walker and Ashford Sanders Sent Home

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Tonight’s episode of BET’s Sunday Best brought back the same six contestants from the last week. The group dubbed as the “Sunday Best Six” consists of Alexis Spight, Michael Lampkin, Kizzy Walker, Joshua Rogers, Ashford Sanders and Danetra Moore.

Jason Nelson started off tonight’s show with wonderful song “Shifting the Atmosphere.”

Kizzy Walker started off tonight’s show singing Earth Wind and Fire’s “Keep Your Head to The Sky.” She did a wonderful and all the judges acknowldged her progress.

Ashford Sanders was the next performer with his upbeat version of “Make Me Better.” Ashford and Kirk Franklin broke it down dancing as Ashford put on a excellent performance. All of the judges were blown away by his stage show and Donnie McClurkin called him the “Elvis Presley” of Gospel music. Before the commercial break, Kirk had the entire audience do Ashford’s signature dance.

Joshua Rogers performed Mary Mary’s “God In Me” and I honestly don’t think it was a good selection for his voice but he still pulled it off. Yolonda and CiCi loved Joshua’s performance and Donnie called the young man a “beast.”

Alexis Spight came out and rocked the house with the best performance of the night. Her stage presence was awesome and she completely owned the stage. Yolonda, CiCi and Donnie all gave the talented 18 year old a thumbs up.

Pastor Michael Lampkin beautifully sang “Hello Fear” in a cool college boy outfit tonight. I think he could of picked a better song, but everyone seemed amazed. Donnie was surprised he pulled it off and CiCi completely loved it. Yolonda Adams lete Michael know he is one of the few Pastors that can sing anything.

Danetra Moore closed tonight’s episode of BET Sunday Best with Whitney Houston’s “I Look To You.” CiCi, Yolonda and Donnie all loved Danetra’s performance. Donnie said she needed to hurry up and record the song.

All of the performers were great tonight and it was definitely hard for the judges to make a decision. Unfortunately two of my favorite contestants Kizzy Walker and Ashford Sanders were sent home tonight. I definitely don’t agree with Ashford being eleminated but that’s life..,,