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Interview With Joshua Rogers of BET Sunday Best

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This past Sunday, I had a chance to watch BET Sunday Best Season 5 winner Joshua Rogers perform at God’s Tabernacle of Deliverance in Desoto, TX. It was a great celebration as Joshua Rogers and Angela Blair ran through some of my favorite gospel songs and I left singing “What A friend we have in Jesus.” Below is a compilation of questions that were asked to Joshua as he was getting ready to perform.

How has your life changed since winning Sunday Best?
It hasn’t changed much. I’m just travelling more and expecting my album to be out really soon. Personally, I haven’t changed but a lot of things around me have changed. I’m just excited about everything that is going on right now.

Where are some of the places that you have travelled to?
New York, Georgia, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama.

How does it feel when people walk up to you and recognize you as Joshua Rogers from Sunday Best?
It doesn’t bother me very much, because I realize all of this is a gift from the Lord.

You and Alexis Spight bought a lot of energy to Sunday Best, because this was the first time we saw two young bucks going head to head.
The whole time our main focus was enjoying God and having fun. We never came in the contestant with the mindset of this is a competition. As soon as we came on the show we had an instant connection and we really love each other. We stay in contact everyday.

You are so humble. How will you keep that humble spirit when you are going to football games and thousands of people are yelling your name?
I always tell a lot of people that it’s a matter of “What’s the point.” What would you gain out of being arrogant or proud. At the end of the day, you will lose more than you will gain.

As far as job offers do you plan on taking on anything new in music ministry?
I’m never gonna leave my church. That’s were I came from and that’s where I’m gonna stay.

The CD?
The first week in December

Is there anything you missed about Sunday Best?
The Fun.