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Sunday Best Recap: Six Stay, Two Go Home

Sunday BestNow that there are only eight singers left on Sunday Best, anything can go every which way. Last week we saw the singers paired up for duet night and lost Jay Williamson and Demarka Wheeler, who were arguably the weakest links of a much stronger chain. Tonight, Erica Campbell opened up the show; while the opening number was strong, it still can’t hold a candle to last week’s amazing and powerful performance. Looking like he stepped out a Webelos meeting, Kirk Franklin announced the first singer, Geoffrey Golden.

Golden sang Awesome God with the intention of proving that he can do more than just sing and praise God. Kierra Sheard complemented him on his pacing while Yolanda Adams praised him for uniqueness.

Kim Burrell told Ayodele Owolabi to stay true to her self when going out on stage to perform. She sang Holding Nothing that was, for lack of a better word, good. She was just adequate in comparison to her previous performances. Kierra lost Owolabi’s spirit in the song while Adams and Donnie McClurkin felt that she was brave enough to take on a challenging song.

Kim Burrell told Deangelo Gardner, before his More Than Anything performance, that he has an anointing. His style is noticeably different from his compatriots with a more urban, R&B style. I felt he was a bit wobbly at the start but he recovered. McClurkin, along with Adams, told him that he needed to pace himself when he sings; he was out of breath by the very end of the song. Sheard felt that he lost the worship in his performance.

Brightney Jones sang Still I Rise. Before she came out Kim informed her that her notes were flat. She was fantastic despite a bit of harsh notes throughout. Sheard thought that he nailed her performance. McClrukin was captivated and hoped that she would continue to do so with every performance.

Anita Johnson, during her auditions with Burrell, doubted herself with her singing. Burrell informed that she needed to stop doubting herself in order to sing Beautiful. On stage, she was clearly nervous as she stumbled on her notes and looked a bit scared. Donnie called her out on that and told her to “lose your terror.” She has a great voice but her nervousness had clearly gotten the better of her.

Serena Young performance of He’s Done Enough could have been the worst of the night since she wasn’t feeling well, as seen in her audition footage. Yet, she rocked the house and had the judges throwing their fists in the air in solidarity. “Wow,” Adams exclaimed. Donnie told Young that song was made for her to sing. The crowd went crazy. She’s the contender to beat this season.

Tequila Wilson sang Uphold Me, a much more laid back song compared to Young’s. Wilson’s performance was subtle and, as Yolanda put it, “artistry.” I have to agree. Along with Young’s, Wilson had the best performance of the night.

Candace Benson, the eighth and final singer, sang Above All. Like Wilson, Benson tried to tackle her song with subtlety and it worked. While she may not have sang with the talent of Wilson, she was certainly fantastic. Donnie thought this song had the most passion of the entire season. Being so young, Kirk asked her why sing gospel? Her heartfelt and tearful response was, “’cause it’s real!”

Season 6 winner Tasha Paige-Lockhart took the stage to perform a song from her new album, which is on sale on August 5. Her performance was proof that she did indeed deserve to win last season.

Two contestants were sent home tonight, which means only six will move on to see another week. My money was on Anita Johnson and Deangelo Gardner going home. However, I was proven wrong as Deangelo managed to stay on by the skin of his teeth. Instead, Anita Johnson and Ayodele Owolabi were sent home.

Since the show only has six singers moving on through and the judges have a wild card vote, I wonder who may come back to compete once again.

Who do you think it would be?

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