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Sunday Best Recap: July 28, 2013

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We’re near the end of this season’s run as we hear the top ten gospel singer’s give it their all in order to win BETs Sunday Best. A lot is on the line; a car, recording contract, and a cash prize. The ten singers: David Michael, Tasha Page Lockhart, Tyler Little, Paula Champion, Odell Bunton, Jr., Joshuia Drumm, Terrill Hall, Jamel Lewis, Venold Junior Johnson, and Kefia Rollerson had to sing out their hearts in the name of the Lord in order to continue on through in the competition.


Jonathan Nelson opened the show and had the crowd pumping with Strong Finish. He had the audience and the judges (Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams, CiCi Winans) up on their feet praising. Each one of the competitors were mentored by Kim Burelle. The first to perform was Tyler Little. Burelle told him that he needed to pace himself as he was rushing with his notes. He went up on stage and sang where Donnie McClurkin told him, once again, he has swagger. He was told that he would see the end of the competition.

Paula Champion was the second to perform. Kim told her that she needed to keep her eyes open and have more pronunciation in her words. CiCi told her that every other performance she’s done was great but her performance tonight came alive. Odell Bunton performed next and while the judges thought he was great, I felt he struggled a bit with his vocals.  By far, the best performance of the night had to be Joshuia Drumm. The judges told him that he sang from the heart and that his singing has everyone focusing on God and not him, which is a good thing. They told him that focusing on God and not the singer means he’s doing his job as a gospel singer. Terrill Hall, Venold Junior Johnson, and Jamel Lewis were the next three singers to take the stage. They were, by far, the worst of the night. They failed to give anything back to the audience and they suffered for it. Each one of them wound up in the bottom three tonight, but more on that later.


Kefia Rollerson, though she had a hoarsed voice, managed to receive a standing ovation from the audience. CiCi told her that even on her worst day, she’s still the best. Last, but definitely not least, David Michael came up to perform. While Yolanda Adams and CiCi Winans loved the performance, McClurkin, on the other hand, felt he didn’t listen to his mentor. He felt the performance it wasn’t his best performance.


Venold, Terrill, and Jamel were the three singers in the bottom this week and two people had to go home. Velond was the singer who was safe this week, but in my opinion, wasn’t the strongest of the three. We’ll have to see how the competition becomes stiffer as more people go home. If you want to listen or buy the songs performed by the Sunday Best cast, just visit ITunes to download their songs.

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