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Sunday Best Recap: Who Goes Home On Duet Night?

Sunday BestNow that the top twenty has dwindled down to just ten, the anxiety has to be plaguing the contestants as one by one, they are eliminated until one is crowned Sunday Best. Dorinda Clark Hall joined Donnie McClurkin and Tye Tribbett for an explosive opening performance. I thought it couldn’t get any better until McClurkin rushed out to the judge’s table to hand the microphone to Kierra Sheard, who rocked the foundation. Then Yolanda Adams was handed the mic. The mild-mannered, soft-spoken judge broke out in a powerful song. It couldn’t have gotten any better, except Kim Burrell sang as well; I don’t need to tell you that it was a fantastic performance. That performance, which was the best the season so far from anyone on the show, felt like it was the season finale opening. Awesome!

The singers this week are going to pair up and perform a duet. The singers who lag behind in points are going to go home. Demarka Wheller and Serana Young were the first couple to go up. McClurkin thought they both complemented each other very well yet Yolanda Adams informed them not to step on each other’s toes. Deangelo Gardner and Ayodele Owolabi sang Indescribable. While both on their own can sing, I felt that both together felt off. There was something that was missing, like they were selfish in their vocals. Yolanda and Kierra even told them they need to discuss with each other the song in order to divide the lyrics evenly amongst them both.

Sunday Best

Candace Benson and Anita Johnson on Sunday Best

Anita Johnson and Candace Benson performed the Mary Mary song Get Up. In their practice, Kim Burrell told them that their voices don’t match. What I think she failed to inform them was that, at times, they couldn’t time each other very well. It sounded funny. However, they managed to work through the kinks and were phenomenal. Yolanda enjoyed their connection. McClurkin thought Anita was too cautious compared to Candace.

Jay Williamson and Brightnie Jones sang The Prayer, originally sang by Yolanda Adams and Donnie McClurkin. These two may have been the most in sync in terms of the song. However, Brightnie definitely out sung Jay. McClurkin thought their performance wasn’t believable and Yolanda said there was a loss in translation.

Jeffrey Golden and Tequila Wilson were the final couple of the night to sing their duets. Kim Burrell was impressed with them during their practice session and boy was I also impressed. Not only did they sound beautiful together, they sounded like they had been singing together for years. They brought the house to their feet. Kierra couldn’t really say much except that they were great. All three judges and I came to agreeance that they were the best duet of the night.

Sunday Best

The Judges of Sunday Best, Kierra Sheard, Donnie McClurkin, and Yolanda Adams.

After everyone had their chance to sing, they were brought up on stage. McClurkin told them that their journey, no matter what happens, doesn’t end with being kicked off of Sunday Best.

Kirk called up Jeffrey, Tequila, Ayodele and Deangelo and I knew that they were safe. They indeed were. The fate of the other six singers rests in the hands of the judges. While no one singer was terrible, I had my suspicions, during the commercial break, Brightnie and Jay would be going home. I was partially right, however, as Jay Williamson and Demarka Wheeler were sent home.

Before the show ended, Kirk Franklin announced that the judges have the power of a wildcard meaning someone whom was eliminated in the past may make a return.


Who do you think it could be? It’s too early to tell for me.