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Sunday Best Recap August 25, 2013

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 This is (almost) the end of the sixth season of Sunday Best and Tasha Page Lockhart and Kefia Rollerson are going to duke it out with their voices. They have been in the competition for weeks and I feel they are two of the strongest singers on the show. The winner from tonight will win a record deal with For Your Soul/RCA Records, a Ford Fusion, A cash prize plus the title of Sunday Best. I personally feel that Tasha is the stronger of the two. Issac Caree opened up the show and channeled R. Kelly. Kirk Franklin’s wardrobe was a dark pea coat, which is more reserved compared what he wore two weeks ago.


Kefia Rollerson was the first of the two to perform. She said she worked hard to be where she is. Kim Burrell said she needed to speak and sing with her heart. She sang Nothing Without God and began with a soothing, entrancing vocal melody. The one thing I noticed was that she was very reserved and consistent while also pushing herself with stronger vocals. However, towards the very end, it sounded like she was just screaming the words instead of just singing. Judge Yolanda Adams suggested that she sing for the rest of her life. Donnie McClurkin said it was great to listen and not have to critique and CeCe Winans said the performance was full of heart.

Tasha Page sang next. Burrell high-fived Lockhart in the segment before her performance, reassuring that she was going to blow everyone out of the water with her performance. She performed Call Upon The Lord, which was more upbeat and uplifting than Kefia’s performance. She had the judges standing and clapping and I (unknowingly) was tapping my feet. While both women can sing, Lockhart seems the most comfortable on stage praising the Lord through Gospel music. CeCe Winans said the performance was great. Adams expressed that she was the full package and that she was consistent because of her relationship with god. Donnie McClurkin noticed that the backup singers had to keep up with how powerful Lockhart was singing.


The United Tenors, made up of Fred Hammond, Dave Hollister, Eric Robertson, and Brian Courtney Wilson, performed half way through the show; they sang Here In Our Praise.  Kefia came out on stage once again to perform a Marvin Sapp song, Praise Him In Advance. I felt her second performance was an improvement over the second but fell short to what Tasha sang earlier. Her harmonizing toward the end was fantastic, though. Adams stated that she was very proud of her and CeCe said that they could always count on her to sing right. McClurkin encouraged her that God has pushed her to do what she’s doing.


Tasha Page came out to perform her second song. She sang Don’t Do It Without Me by Bishop Paul S. Morton. The panning of the crowd showed that she had some people praising, lifting their hands high. She had an awesome performance and the judges’ thought the same. CeCe said she was born to praise and sing and Adams said she could sing anything. McClurkin was excited about her performance and said he’ll pay to see her in concert.

To vote for your favorite, visit bet.com/sundaybest and the winner will get crowned next Sunday. Who do you think will win and who do you want to win?

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