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Sunday Best Recap July 29, 2012: Donnie McClurkin Cries, Brian Luther and Sara Escamilla Go Home

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On this week of BET’s Sunday Best, Sunday Best Season 3 winner, Le’ Andria Johnson opened up with “Sooner or Later.” The theme of tonight’s show was “God’s Grace.” Now down to only eight contestants, I was pretty excited to see what tonight’s show had to offer.

Last week’s stand out performer Ashford Sanders, started off tonight’s show with a jazzy version of Thomas Whitfield’s ‘Oh, How I Love Jesus.’ All of the judges loved his performance, and Yolonda Adams stated with this song he showed his range and ability to go into different genres.

Sara Escemilla came out with a lot of energy tonight singing Sounds of Blackness’ “Optimistic,” but she dropped the ball when she lost her words. All of the judges thought that Sara started off well, but failed to recover.

Kizzy Walker put on a great performance tonight, as I felt like I was at my grandma’s church in the backwoods of Arkansas. She yelled out “Jesus” so loud I almost fainted. Donnie McClurkin and Yolonda Adams both thought she did well, but she is still in her comfort zone.

Joshua Rogers put on an excellent show as usual. Out of all of this season’s Sunday Best contestants, he is clearly the most talented. Midway into his performance, the crowd was already giving the young man a standing ovation. Joshua’s performance bought Donnie McClurkin to tears and he was speechless. Yolonda Adams compared him to the Gospel greats and CiCi Winans’ only words were “perfect performance.”

Brian Luther came out singing Fred Hammond’s “Jesus Be A Fence Around Me.” Brian put on a pretty strong performance tonight, but it seemed like he was lacking a little pizazz. Yolonda and Donnie felt that he could have brought a little something extra to the song, while CiCi thought he should have engaged the audience more.

Danetra Moore was full of energy, tonight as usual, as she completely rocked the house. Out of all of the remaining contestants, Danetra has the best stage presence. All of the judges including Kirk Franklin thought she killed it!

Alexis Spight completely redeemed herself from last week’s performance. All of the judges felt that she nailed the song and they were amazed. At 18 years old, Alexis has a very bright future ahead of her.

J. Moss made a special guest appearance tonight on Sunday Best and sung “Good & Bad.” I have heard of J. Moss, but this was the first time I ever saw him perform and I was pretty impressed.

The final performer of tonight, Michael Lampkin, sung a beautiful rendition of “We Need a Word From The Lord.” Donnie McClurkin challenged, Michael to do a run and Pastor Lampkin met his challenge.

In the end six performers advance while Brian Luther and Sara Escamilla were sent home….