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Sunday Best August 4 Recap

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United as One opened up and the show and had the crowd on their feet, as usual. Tasha Cobbs threw down the gauntlet with her voice in small intermission foryt eight minutes into the program. It was truly a great opening. Kirk Franklin came out soon afterwards looking like a stick of Italian ices. He wore white, gray and bright, sun yellow blazer with pants and shoes to match. I had to talk about it. Once again, two people are set to go home at the end of the night, but more on that later. Yolanda Adams, CeCe Winans, and Donnie McClurkin judge the eight finalists this week and Kim “The Voice” Burell acts as a mentor to all of the singers.

David Michael was the first singer to come out and do his thing. Burell told him to watch his words and his practice performance sounded like he was a glorified backup singer.

He went up on stage and was meh to me. His vocals weren’t great or exceptional. However, the judges disagreed with my consensus. Yolanda said he grew as an artist so far and Donnie said he performance was methodic. Burell praised Odell Bunton Jr. as being anointed by God. However, when it came down to perform, he stumbled and forgot a line of lyrics. The judges told him that people do forget the lyrics and gave him some advice about what he should do next time it happens. Kefia Rollerson performed next and she was soulful and sweet. She had some very strong vocals and CeCe Winans couldn’t get enough of her vocals. Donnie McClurkin said she was versatile. Venold Junior Johnson was next and he had the best vocals of the night. Burell said he had great personality and all three judges though his performance was outstanding. McClurkin said that with his vocal people will be blessed not impressed.

Joshuia Drumm, the singer who had one of the best performances last week, really underperformed this week. He started out weak and couldn’t find the right balance to get himself back on track. The judges tried to be supportive; all they said was that his performance this week was “smooth.” Burell told Tasha Page Lockhart that she needs to have her audience understand her vocal. While she gave a good performance, Yolanda Adams said she wanted to hear another verse. Next up was Paula Champion. Burell was impressed with her creativity and I thought her performance this week was soulful and controlled. Yolanda said she stood out this week and CeCe claimed her vocals were rich.

The last one to perform was Tyler Little. He had some good vocals but it wasn’t anything spectacular. Burell told him to pronounce his words and the judges Thought the song he sung took control of him instead of the other way around. The vocals this week weren’t as good as last week.

Kirk Franklin called up two groups: Kefia, Venold, David and Tyler and . Tasha, Odell, Joshuia, Paula.  David and Joshuia, sadly were sent home. If you want to buy the songs performed tonight, visit iTunes.com/sundaybest

And then there were six.

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