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Stevie J’s 5 Biggest Hits of All-Time

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Unlike Lil Scrappy, I had heard about Stevie J long before Eve’s Behind the Music special on VH1. With all of the foolery on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, one often forgets that Stevie J is a three-time Grammy winner. Yes, I remember the leaked sex tape featuring him and Eve, but I also remember Jay-Z shouting him out on a track called Ride or Die from the ‘Hard Knock Life’ album.

This was the song that turned Bad Boy’s Mase Murder into Pastor Mason Betha. The craziest thing about the whole situation is Stevie J was Bad Boy’s go to producer at the time. In the song Jay-Z raps:

“I bruise wack rap niggaz severely punish them. Especially those that get fucked for they publishing, Always gotta be the weakest nigga out the crew I probably make more money off yo’ album, than you. You see the respect I get every time I come through. Check your own videos, you’ll always be number two. Niggaz talkin real greasy on them R&B records but I’m platinum a million times nigga, check the credits.”

After watching Love and Hip Hop Atlanta for the past month or so, I decided to look up Stevie J’s discography and I was amazed at his track record. It’s a ashame that someone as talented as Stevie J hasn’t had a hit record in so long. It seems like he is more focused on banging “hot chicks” than making music these days. The Power of the “P.” With that being, here are Stevie J’s 5 Biggest Hits of All-Time.

1. 112 feat Notorious B.I.G. – Only You
Only You’ was the lead single from Bad Boy Records R&B group 112’s debut album.

2. Eve feat Gwen Stefani – Blow Ya Mind
Released in 2001, Blow Ya Mind was Eve’s first single from her Scorpio album.In 2002, the Stevie J produced track won a Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.

3. Puff Daddy feat Faith and 112 – I’ll Be Missing You
Released in 1997 I’ll Be Missing You was a tribute to the legendary Notorious B.I.G. The song sample The Police “Every Breath You Take,” and it also won a Grammy.

4. Mariah Carey – Honey
Honey was the lead single from Mariah Carey’s Butterfly album and it was nominated for two Grammy’s in 1998.

5. Mariah Carey featuring Krazie and Wish Bone – Breakdown
Breakdown was one of the first songs that introduced a prissy Mariah Carey to the Hip Hop world.

  • Inga_Bing

    Good read. I knew Stevie J had made hits. I just didn’t know what they were. He still had that sneaky rat look back in the day in the pic with Eve.

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