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Spotimy Wants You To Find the Music Your Looking For on Spotify

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At the rate Spotify is going, it seems everybody wants to join in on the party. I mean let’s be honest, it’s no fun being the oddball left out or the last one to know about where the party is, and that’s exactly what is happening with Spotify’s increased popularity over the course of the last year. It has opened the door for new developers to add their innovative ideas to the forefront of the highly publicized streaming music service.

Spotimy is a web application designed to offer comprehensive lists of new albums available in your respective country. Though it isn’t an official Spotify app within the desktop interface, it still holds its own unique appeal as a web application outside the service. The database offers the latest releases on Spotify and offers a filtering capability if there is music listed that hasn’t been made available in your country.

It is very comprehensive and detailed with everything new music enthusiasts need when searching for previously unheard releases. It includes all ID info, release dates, brief biographies, and even press reviews. Every album has an integrated Spotify player that opens your Spotify desktop app and takes you directly to the player page.

The categories are well-managed and seem to have all grounds covered including: Latest, Critics Chart, Recent Popular, Reviews, Recommended, Listening Posts, Playlists, and Search. It doubles as an interactive forum where you can leave comments for other visitors.

I love specific information details and comprehensive information, therefore I am already a fan of the Spotimy music manager. I’ve spent enough time on the app that I can assure you the information is accurate and the list is updated regularly and accordingly. If this were an endorsed Spotify app I would rate it 4/5. I am also eager to see what other developers come up with to enhance our streaming music experience.

Matt G is independent recording artist and viral marketing expert from Austin, TX. His music can be heard at: mattgmuzik.com
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