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Spotify Saturdays: Should I upgrade to Paid?

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With Spotify starting to limit free listening to 10 hours a week and a single song to five time’s a month, I decided to go research my Facebook timeline and see my usage history to get an idea if i should upgrade to a paid service. Here are the my stats:

2011 Stats
Most Played Artists
Young Jeezy(9)

Most Played Albums
Drake-Take Care(11)
The Game-Red(7)
DMX-Greatest Hits(6)
ColdPlay-Rush of Blood to the Head(5)

In 2011 I listened to 32 songs, but i have listened to 110 so far in 2012. Since I launched SoSoActive.com, have been using Spotify a lot more to research and review music. In addition, It acts as my personalized soundtrack when I am brainstorming and writing posts.

During the Christmas holiday I was the family DJ thanks to Spotify. Several of my cousins kept asking me “Cuz can you burn me a cd i love that mix. Lol, not quite yet.

I think I was wrong about Spotify not being that great of a service and I may actually be upgrading to a paid account soon. At least I wont have to worry about the annoying commercials.

Just Maybe…