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Spotify App Review: Pitchfork-The essential guide to independent music and beyond

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Pitchfork Spotify App Review: 3 ouf of 5

For those of us familiar with Pitchfork (an internet community devoted to indie music commentary, music news, and album reviews.) you will be happy to know that the pitchfork app for Spotify is another great filter for us to find great underground and independent music.

Pitchfork for Spotify is an interface full to the brim with great indie music and playlists made by the people from Pitchfork. These playlists should be held in high esteem as not just anyone works for Pitchfork, but only the most hardline music critics and experts. So, I was definitely expecting a variety of well selected top tier music playlists.

Spotify is a great app in itself, but with so much music in that huge database we are in need of more music filtering programs like Pitchfork to make music discovery a less painful process. Pitchfork does exactly that, although catering slightly more towards the indie rock genre.

While I am a fan of the Pitchfork app, I noticed the playlists that are available are very generic. Titles included: Top 100 tracks of 2011, Top 11 tracks of 2010, and so on. While I did find some neat tracks in these playlists, it seems that Pitchfork employees have taken the easy step of just choosing top charting songs for their playlists rather than finding great indie music to create more interesting playlists. In addition, the Pitchfork app for Spotify is very basic at this point with only three features: album reviews, playlists, and best new albums. I give Pitchfork for Spotify 3 out of 5 stars.


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