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SongPop For iPhone Review

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SongPop is a fun and exciting new app for the iPhone that allows you to test your musical knowledge against others in a timed battle to name songs played in chosen genre selections. Use your Facebook account or e-mail address to create a user log-in and play against either Facebook/Twitter friends or random selections.

Once a challenge is started you have four choices to choose from and up to 10 seconds to name either the title, artist, or song name. After a series of selections, five specifically, your score is tallied and you’re awarded points based on how fast you were able to name the selections. Then, your opponent is sent the same challenge with the same songs and your scores are compared.

I’ve always been a fan of trivia games, and this being an audio-based, timed trivia is definitely up my alley. The higher your scores, and games won allow you to add songs as well as more song genres to choose from. Tournaments are held on a weekly basis and a track record i kept of all your wins and losses as well as your opponents’.

SongPop is not only a fun way to test your various musical knowledge, it also aids in learning different artist and song titles. My only critique is the cheesy background display and colors. And of course after so many times a day, the music can get old and repetitive, but that’s what drives app addicts wild in today’s digital world. And it definitely aids in curing boredom during long road trips as that’s what allowed me to swiftly knock out over 2 dozen games against several weaker opponents.

I give a solid 3/5 rating in hopes to hear a more diverse array of song selections and challenges offered.