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Songkick Concerts – Be the first to know when it’s happening

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Songkick Concerts: Spotify App Review 3 out of 5

If you’re a regular concert go-er, Songkick Concerts is the spotify app you’ve been waiting for. With multiple social networking platforms these days it’s hard to keep up with where your favourite bands are playing, and more importantly, when they’re playing in your town. Songkick Concerts is a Spotify app that scans your playlists and tells you when the bands you’re listening to are touring your city.

Songkick Concerts is easy to set up and enables you to build a list of bands you want to track. On the Songkick website you can go even further and register an account to make your own personalized gig calendar and book tickets to shows. Sadly, the calendar isn’t a part of the Spotify app which is a shame because it would be an awesome feature. Songkick concerts also has an accompanying iPhone app available to download for free from the app store.

If you live in a big city the advantages of this Spotify app are plenty. For users in small towns that don’t see a lot of big bands, this app will probably not have the same appeal. I also took it upon myself to confirm if the dates showing on the app match dates on the musicians website and for the most part they did. However, I also noticed that some smaller, not so mainstream bands doing shows were not showing up in the app.

In conclusion the app has its ‘uses’ and ‘uselessness’. I would definitely recommend this app for regular gig goers living in big cities, especially in the USA. However, if you’re from a town that doesn’t see a lot of big bands very often during the year, perhaps this app won’t have the same usefulness to you. I am intrigued by this app, but I must admit I don’t see much use for it myself. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the app, iPhone version was downloaded more than 100,000 times in its first two weeks, which shows that at least some people are finding it useful! I give this app 3 out of 5 stars.

Link: Songkick concerts