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Songdrop, one of the finalists in last year’s EMI Innovation Challenge and TechPitch 4.5, allows people to create playlists of videos and songs from all over the web and play them from anywhere. Songdrop enables people to keep track of the songs and music videos they discover as they are being discovered. The Songdrop service is free to the user, however paid-for mobile applications are in development as well as in-app purchases to enhance the playback experience.

Brittney Bean, co-founder and CEO of Songdrop, says: “We’re super excited that we’ve closed our first round of investment as it enables us to really ramp up product development and get our first mobile application into the wild. We’re focused on creating a superior experience for listening to streaming music no matter the device.”

“Streaming music is fragmented and often in walled gardens; there’s an insane amount of choice but it’s all scattered across different websites and services. We’re working on the interoperability and portability of streaming music, as we believe the API for music already exists: it’s the whole internet. Songdrop is a way to make sense of the chaos, a way to unify the streaming experience”, Brittney explains.

Lukas Hirsch, partner at SOIC Capital, comments: “Songdrop is an exciting startup, led by a talented team of founders, whose innovative ideas show great potential. We particularly like the portability of music playing, the community building potential, and the personalisation of the streaming experience that Songdrop offers.”

Songdrop is currently in discussions with a number of brands, record labels and potential partners.

Jason Rothery, Direct to Consumer and Artist Services Manager of Warner Music Group, says: “We are discovering music via so many different channels now – blogs, websites, YouTube, Twitter, Soundcloud etc and it is often hard to remember where you heard what, meaning music can sometimes be forgotten. Most of these channels use Soundcloud or YouTube as the delivery method and are often ahead of release so unless you’re ripping everything and clogging your hard drives how can you remember it all?”

“Songdrop’s ability to pull the discovery channel chosen players into one destination which is curated by me for me has changed the way that I keep up on all new music. Being able to put different tracks into personal playlists via the drop it button means that I will never forget who I’ve heard at any given time and also prompts me to keep an eye on release dates – I’ve also made purchases based on what I’ve dropped”, he continues.

Songdrop was founded 2012 by co-founders Brittney Bean, Richard Taylor and James Towers.
Chris Helm, previously UK Finance Director with EMI Music Publishing, has recently joined the team as Finance Director to develop the financial strategy for Songdrop.

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