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Solange Stands On Her Own in Her EP “True”

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Solange Knowles has long lived in the shadow of her super famous sister, Beyonce.  After two unsuccessful solo albums and a five-year hiatus, Solange has made her reappearance and has proven that she can hold her own against her superstar family.

True is one of the most consistent albums I’ve ever heard, and the opening track “Losing You” sets the tone for what you’ll hear throughout the rest of her EP.  The song starts with energetic beats only to be juxtaposed with smooth, laid-back lyrics.  This song is a quick sign that Solange is a force to be reckoned with and not to be confused with her sister.

The rest of the EP follows in the same routine as “Losing You”, retaining a vintage feel that fits Solange’s personality.  “Some Things Never Seem to F***ing Work” and “Locked in Closets” are filled with beats that make you want to dance, but not in the same way that Beyonce’s beats would.

“Don’t Let Me Down” showcases Solange’s ability to work unsynchronized beats and still manage to pull off something beautiful.

But no matter how much you talk about each individual song, their consistency keeps each track sounding similar.  This isn’t a bad thing, but it would be nice to see Solange branch out from her 80s pop beats and contrasting dreamy vocals.  What stands out the most about True is that it doesn’t demand attention.  And unfortunately for Solange, that means it will probably go unnoticed in favor of the more showy, flashy albums.

But True‘s lack of pop hooks is what really sets it apart.  Solange isn’t singing for attention and conforming to what the listeners want.  Her lyrics and vocals are true to herself.  We’re listening to a piece of Solange’s personality, and it’s lovely.

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