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Social Music Distribution from Virdiko

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Virdiko is an online music distribution service based out of Dallas, TX that services dj’s with the latest hip-hop, pop, rock, reggae and r & b releases. One of the unique features about this service is it allows dj’s to send their feedback directly to the artist via email The company is one of the better online music promotion companies available that services both indie and major record labels. One of the reasons why Virdiko is so effective is because in order for listeners to download a song they are required to leave feedback.


There are a ton of online record promotion services that claim to have a distribution of 50,000 dj’s, but most of them don’t deliver. So if you record was mailed to 50,000 dj’s and you didn’t receive any feedback, either your record was really wack or somebody’s pulling your coat-tail. For more information on Virdiko at its services check them out www.virdiko.com

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