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Similarities Between 2 Chainz and Herman Cain

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2 Chainz is the epitome of the rap game right now. He is the perfect reason I don’t turn on the radio or take the rap game seriously any more.

His stage name, for one, is spelled foolishly. We seem to have an embrace (and worship) for nonsense, basic-ness, and ignorance. What does 2 Chainz mean? In what state of mind did he develop this name? 

I don’t think I want to know the answer.

The hit single “Spend It,” is all over the airwaves, the TV screen, and in the clubs. Why not? 9 bars of “I’m riding round I’m gettin it/It’s mine, I spend it.”is catchy. But like Herman Cain’s tax slogan “9-9-9″ tax plan, “Spend It”lacks substance. Also, like “-9-9,” 2 Chainz single will crash the economy. No really. 

Let me explain.

2 Chainz claims he’s “the perfect definition of something you’ve never seen” but he’s wrong. I do see people like him everyday. Criminals do ‘Shoot your ass down…;” I do see people “ridin around stuntin, smoking loud in public, talking loud in public yeah my entourage is bucking.”

I do see people like him everyday – and that’s the problem. Art (I guess if we want to call it art) is to reflect reality, not vice versa. But of course since his subject matter, no matter how detrimental, is deemed cool or makes him “the man,”reality will continue to reflect art.

Like I always say, if you’re going to have a negative subject matter, at least spit poetically. 2 Chainz takes no interest in it. A.B.C. raps are so 2011 I thought!

2 Chainz isn’t here or take interest in challenging the sad status quo. Oh no. He’s profiting from the Black stereotypes of criminality, illiteracy and illegitimacy.

“I’m allergic to the hater type, I’ll take your wife, give her back nine months after that, similac.”

Our dollars, views, and clicks are Hip Hop’s gatekeeper; we must block out wack rappers and support the good ones. Day by day entertainers like 2 Chainz dilute the rap game and make us look like fools. Call me what you will but if reminiscing over 8Ball and MJG’s classic album On Top of the World makes me the old, grumpy uncle, I will gladly embrace the title. ATLiens; Back For the First Time; Too Hard Too Swallow; Southern Hip Hop classics like these should be the bar.

Both 2Chainz and Herman Cain make Black people look bad. They are also both Atlanta natives.

In his book, Cain wrote that while in high school he did not get involved with the Civil Rights Movement because his father told him to “stay out of trouble.” Then he appeared on MSNBC and said “if i had been a college student, I probably would have been participating.” OK, he was under 18 so maybe I’m being unfair. 

Upon further examination, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell pointed out that Cain attended Morehouse College in 1963 and sat on the sidelines while Blacks were being murdered and abused.

Yesterday Herman Cain reared his ugly head and made some comments on the Iowa caucus race and I couldn’t help but to cringe for I thought Cain was gone for good; like Herman Cain, I wish 2 Chainz will just disappear forever and for good.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Bab Adetiba. Check out his politcial and social commentary blog MindsAlike.

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  • MahkaelahFelippe

    Lls interestng comparison well said like minded fellow

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  • Rolan

    You is a bitch nigga, hating on 2 Chainz really thats why you will always be a bitch nigga fuck you fuck your kids fuck your wife you can suck my dick you hating ass motherfucker be a bitch nigga for the rest of life hoe

  • SellOutRappers

    @72136b66a13c479a6760a57b3aaca1da:disqus you sound really stupid defending someone who care less about you, and even less about his so-called music. He will sell out everyone just to get paid. These are sad times, please prepare.