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Should Musicians Use Their Stage Names on LinkedIn?

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Even though LinkedIn provides great networking opportunities for traditional professionals, its usage for musicians are still a bit unclear. I can see why managers, executives and others working on the business side of music should be actively using the popular social network, but what about artists?

As LinkedIn continues to grow and expand, I am starting to get more requests from musicians and a lot of them are opting to use their stage name instead of their government name.

This wouldn’t be an issue if their stage name was Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce Knowles, but when it contains graphic and derogatory terms it could be an issue.

I have gotten several requests from a few rap acquaintances of mines, with one named “Young Thuggin” and another named ‘Dat Niggo Swaggo.’ Yeah, I know right? I’ve been pondering for a few days whether I should add them to my valuable network at all – lol.

Even though these are extreme cases, what about other entertainers like Dj’s?

If I were a Dj what name should I create my LinkedIn profile under – DJ Kelland, Kelland Drumgoole or Kelland “DJ Kelland” Drumgoole. A bit confusing huh?

Which brings us to the question: Should musicians use their stage names or their government name on LinkedIn? Please weigh in on the topic…