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Seven Reasons to Buy Titanfall

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TF-Panoramic-OverwatchToday one of the most anticipated games of the year is dropping. For early adopters of the Xbox One this is the reason why you bought the latest Microsoft gaming machine. Titanfall makes its way on to Xbox One and PC exclusively with a port for the Xbox 360 coming in two weeks. It’s an FPS or first-person shooter but it’s nothing like Call of Duty or Battlefield. If you weren’t able to play the beta this past February, here are seven reasons why you should buy Titanfall this Tuesday.


•The game was developed by Respawn Entertainment. That may not seem like much but the co-founders of Respawn Entertainment were the original creators behind the Call of Duty Series.

Titanfall Dinosaur•Dinosaurs! People have been asking for Battlefield to bring in dinosaurs at one point and Titanfall has ‘em.

Titanfall_FTF_1920x1080•It’s a brand new IP. The game is an all-new, original shooter with novel gameplay mechanics

2351121-trailer_titanfall_angelcity_20131022•It’s online only. The game doesn’t have a traditional single player just a vast multiplayer with story elements.

titanfall-jetpack-double-jump•Jetpacks! The jetpacks, in-game, don’t work like traditional jetpacks but they can help propel your character further for…

Titanfall-Angel-City•Hardcore parkour! Everyone knows about wall traversing but if you haven’t played Titanfall, you don’t know how fun it truly is.

titanfall-vgx-2-o•Titans are the best part of the game. Jumping into a Titan, taking down a Titan, or jumping onto a Titan are quite novel for FPS’ but it definitely has some replay value.

titanfall_gif_1_by_gifsandmore-d6d6z4d•Epilogs. When the match is complete, players engage in an epilogue where the defeated team must escape the battlefield. This quickly turns a flat game into a heart racing, pulse-pounding race to the finish.

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