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Social Media Marketing:

We specialize in social media marketing that increases brand awareness and converts followers to customers. Our focus is to convert your network to paying brand loyalists by delivering engaging content that sparks dialogue.

Our process involves optimizing/editing your current social media accounts, listening to dialogue in your industry, creating communities that position your organization as a thought leader and implementing our strategies. In addition, we will seek out relevant communities, blogs and groups that are aligned with your services.


Event Marketing:

Whether you’re putting together a conference, trade show, album release party or concert let us assist you in maximizing your brands exposure at your next event. We have an in-depth knowledge and experience when it comes to planning and setting up memorable events. With our expansive network of venues, performers and production companies we will make your next event a splash.

We will design, develop and organize your event from conception to completion. In addition, we are able to execute locally, regionally or nationwide, providing our clients with promotional models, marketing talent and state of the art production services.


Music Marketing:

With over twenty years of collective music marketing experience we are capable of creating and executing music marketing strategies for independent labels as well as major record labels. From artist imaging, branding, album release parties and radio promotion we can position your brand for success in the ever changing music business.

We have a track record for success and have worked with major and independent labels such as TVT Records and Universal Records. Our process combines the emerging digital platforms as well as traditional forms of marketing that will maximize your marketing budget.


Guerilla Marketing:

Guerilla marketing is a low cost creative marketing strategy that replaces capital equity with sweat equity. By nature we are a guerilla marketing organization with a plethora of creative ideas that will ignite your organization’s visions. With over 15 years of guerilla marketing we are capable of creating and executing localized campaigns to drive revenue and promote brand awareness.We understand the challenges of starting a company or marketing campaign with a limited budget and will help you reach your customers with limited cash.

 For more information contact us at marketing@sosoactive.com