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Season 2 Premier of “Mary Mary” – Pregnancy, Drama and More Drama

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The season premier of the reality tv show “Mary Mary” debuted tonight on the WE Network. The show promises to take a new look into the lives of the gospel duo of Trecina “Tina” Atkins-Campbell and Erica Atkins-Campbell. With both of the sisters aging, and Tina expecting a new child I’m expecting “Mary Mary” to be filled with a hand full of drama.

Mary Mary’s manager Mitchell Solarik and their younger sister Goo Goo seem to be two of the most interesting characters on the show. After seeing the girls perform on Good Morning America, it was clear that the girls still “had it.”

Erica’s pregnancy seemed to be the main focus of tonight’s show, as Mitchell thinks that her stamina is slowing down the girls promotional run. In addition to the pregnancy, Mitchell relationship with Goo Goo led to a lot of heated conversations on the duo’s lack of styling.

Erica’s hormonal imbalance kicked in when her husband took the kids to the zoo without her. Erica was really upset that the they were spending some quality family time without the presence of mommy.

With an audience full of 20,000 people awaiting the duo at the Gospel Fest, Mary Mary miraculous moved the crowd without a sound check.

With the planning of a wedding, styling Mary Mary and drama with Mitchell; the younger sister Goo Goo is extremely overwhelmed. As Tina continue to come closer to her due date, the show promises more ups and downs than a roller coaster.