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Samsung Focus Flash: One Windows Phone and 4 Music Apps in 4 Days…..

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A couple of days ago, my Blackberry Torch finally gave out so it was time to make a move. I asked my friends via my Facebook wall what type of phone that i should get and they all came back with a iPhone 4S or some sort of Android. I have never been the one to conform to popular opinion, so I decided to go to Best Buy and the AT&T store to do some researching.

After two hours of walking back and forth between stores in the Texas heat which was in the low 90’s (still not summer yet..), I decided to go with my first Windows phone – a Samsung Focus Flash. I was kind of hesitant about making the move, but I am happy to say I made a great decision. The graphics are cool, the interface is simple and it has all the necessary apps that “I” need.

So far I have downloaded four music apps on my Samsung Focus Flash and here is a quick summary of them.

iHeart Radio
When I first launched SoSoActive.com, I wrote an article called iHeart Radio is the Future of Radio and I still stand behind it. This is by far my go to app for music consumption and discovery. It’s easy to use as you don’t have to go through signing up for an account and verifying your email to get started. You can simply login via Facebook to get started or use the limited version without signing in.

The artist channels are very “Pandoraish” in nature and I have been jamming my “Bob Marley station” all morning. I was able to discover new music from reggae legend Lee Scratch Perry, who I have heard of – but for the first time I actually heard his tunes. The one downfall to this app is it doesn’t have as many local stations as it should.

The Spotify app worked amazing. Although, I was only teased with a free three-day trial version I am seriously thinking about upgrading. For the first time ever I listened to Spotify without any buffering, skipping or commercials. When I logged in all of my playlists that I have been creating over the past few months were there. It’s definitely worth the purchase.

The TuneIn Radio app is one of the most promising music apps that I have seen thus far. It has a wide variety of stations to listen to and a few great social integration features. While listening to local radio stations, I could see their Twitter feed and other social activities. However, the downfalls that I encountered were frequent delays and I noticed a huge difference in sound quality between radio stations.

The YouTube app for Windows phone has a great visual appeal and is formatted perfectly for mobile. It’s very simple to use, but this is not an app that I can see myself using on a regular basis because it takes a lot of work to sift through videos. In terms of music discover, I would much rather use YouTube when I’m sitting down and not in transit. It’s kind of hard to watch video when your mobile.