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Sabi “0 to 60: Love Sounds” (Full Tape/Free Download & Stream)

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Singer/songwriter Sabi releases her long-waited debut 0 to 60: Love Sounds. Hosted by Power 106’s Yesi Oritz and DJ Carisma, the 11-track mixtape features the 25-year old waxing poetics with production from G.O.O.D Music artist Ryan McDermott, Mark Feist, The Arsenals, The Costars, and a guest feature from Young Money’s Tyga.

PREMIERE/STREAM: http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/sabi-0-to-60-love-sounds-mixtape.101062.html?song-1

DOWNLOAD: http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/download/album/101062

On expectations of her debut, Sabi explains, “I want listeners to walk away from hearing this EP and have a real conversation about love, ‘real’ meaning being honest about their fears and scars so that they can begin to heal. That has been my process this past year, and while I feel like my personal growth has been off the charts, there’s still a ways to go. I just wanna share my experience.”

A departure from her previous soundscape,0-60: Love Sounds is close to Sabi’s heart as she opens her diary for listeners to experience her thoughts and sounds that accompany the fast pace of love and life.

“Love Sounds is about some aspect of love including loving life. Love has been the thing I’ve personally been in search for including learning to love myself, by which then and only then can you love others,” reflects the 25-year old. “We all are desperate to connect but are so afraid of rejection or abandonment, or have so much baggage. The conversations in the interludes are my findings this far on the subject of love.” On the second portion of the title, Sabi reveals, “0-60 describes my past. I feel like I went from a girl from Inglewood who likes to sing to the Femme Fatale with Britney Spears. Everything went really fast. The concept also applies to my past love style, from a simple summer romance to all of a sudden considering marriage or whatever’s next.”

The Inglewood native first burst onto the scene four years ago as one of the leading ladies of the West Coast jerk movement, The Bangz. Following a drive-by shooting that put the band on indefinite hiatus, Sabi would spend the next few year developing her sound and adjusting to life as a solo act touring with Pop-idol Britney Spears on her “Femme Fatale Tour,” being featured on Cobra Starship’s #1 single/club anthem “You Make Me Feel…” and Diplo’s “Barely Standing” with Datsik to explore different sounds to compliment her eclectic taste and style.

“I am ecstatic to finally have a body of work out there. Up until this point I’ve only had a song every six months or so, but I think it was a necessary time because I needed to figure myself out and what I wanted to say. I’m grateful for a patient team and fans who believed in me even while I was experimenting trying to figure all of this out.”

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