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Rumors About Snoop Dogg and Betty White’s 20 year old Lovechild Are True

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Rumors have been surfacing over the past few days regarding a lovechild Calvin Broadus Jr. AKA Snoop Dogg has been hiding for the past 20 years.  News broke that he may have had a relationship with a huge television star some twenty years ago but that star was unidentified until now.  Golden Girls and Mary Tyler Moore star Betty White has come forward and stated that she is indeed the ‘baby momma’ of young Calvina White.


White took to Twitter to deliver the news.


So So Active has learned that the relationship stemmed from Snoop’s recording session of Gin and Juice in January of 1993.  We had the chance to speak with White about the affair over the phone.  She tells me, “Calvin, I like to call him Calvin, was rehearsing [Gin and Juice] with [Dr.] Dre when I walked into the studio.” 

She continues, “[Snoop] flubbed his line the moment I walked through that door.  He put his headphones on the stand, walked out of the booth and tried to sweet talk me with his gangsta talk. I wasn’t having it.”  She goes on saying she was playing hard to get until finally she caved in later that January night.  “We made love all night long.”


Calvina White has remained hidden in plain sight going to school and even graduating from high school in Long Beach back in 2011 a grade early.  So So has received a photo of young White.


The surprise is how long she remained hidden, especially with none of her parent’s good looks.  Snoop Dogg has not responded to any of the allegations.

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