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Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Album Review

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Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines is a feel good record that will have everyone around you dancing. It evokes musical styles of the 1970s disco era and is hella charming. I’m not just talking about the song Blurred Lines but the actual album released this past Tuesday. I always compared Robin Thicke to Michael Bublé, a more soulful version at that. A great crooner whose image you can’t quite pinpoint. With this album, he comes off as the bad boy version of Bublé and it works as a whole.


What I didn’t know going in was that Thicke had so many albums under his belt. I was aware of The Evolution of Robin Thicke because of Lost Without U, which was a pretty big hit. Then he sort of just fell of the map for me. I was aware that he was still making music but not releasing three albums since 2006. Blurred Lines is Thicke’s fifth official studio album and his shortest with eleven tracks. While he writes most of the songs on the album, he receives some help from fellow writers Pharrell, Timbaland, and even from his father, actor Alan Thicke.


There aren’t any featured artists other than Pharrell and T.I. on the title track and Kendrick Lamar on Give It To U. The whole album is just Thicke crooning over 70s style disco, jazz and soul beats. This is the album where you can enjoy it in the car driving to work, when you want to relax at the office or if you want to get down at a party; the album sounds fantastic. I have to draw comparisons to Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. What Random Access Memories did was reinvent disco for a modern era. Blurred Lines seems to be an homage that genre of music. You can’t tell me that when you press play on the entire album and close your eyes you don’t visions of people dancing in a Soul Train line. It’s feel good, get off your feet music.


For lyrical substance, the album is ok. I listened to the album twice already and all I hear is how much he loves his wife. Then again, I was one of those people who dismissed those claims that Blurred Lines was about rape. The album is consistent all around. The stand out tracks for me are Give It To U and The Good Life; those two songs are vastly different in tone and meaning and show the contrast of the album. That is what Blurred Lines is supposed to mean, right? Blurring different types of genres together to create an awesome melody. If you’re on the fence about buying the album, you shouldn’t be. If you love good music, get the album.

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