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Does Rick Ross Still Think He’s Larry Hoover?

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William Roberts, or better known by his stage name as Rick Ross, has long been angering the real gangsters of the world.  The feud, in part, begins with Ross’ choice of a stage name.  Freeway Ricky Ross, the notorious drug trafficker, did not take to kindly to his name being used by a pseudo-gangster rapper, especially after the Smoking Gun released information that Rick Ross once served as a correctional officer in South Florida.

But the war between Rick Ross and the gangsters doesn’t stop there.  The Black Gangster Disciple Nation have called out Rick Ross for his two mistakes.  The first being name dropping leader, Larry Hoover, in his popular song B.M.F.   “I think I’m Big Meech, Larry Hoover. Whippin’ work, hallelujah. One nation under God. Real niggas getting money from the f***ing start.” His second error according to the gang was superimposing his face onto a six-point star that is associated with the Gangster Disciples on Black Bar Mitvah.

Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape cover

And the Disciple Nation’s threat is no joke.  “It ain’t nothing but three people that rock this star. The Jews, the GD’s and the Illuminati…We letting you promoters know, before you book Rick Ross you need to check with us G”.  This call to arms to fight against Ross’ fake gangster persona is being taken seriously by the rapper, and for good reason.  After receiving a series of death threats, Rick Ross has called off the remainder of his tour featuring Meek Mill and Wale, a tour that was supposed to conclude in New York on December 16th.

While Ross is placing the blame on a lack of organization from the promoters, Ross’ safety is obviously a bigger concern.  Tickets are being refunded while the star lays low.

With all of the drama surrounding the cancellation of the MMG tour, it makes us wonder if Ricky Ross still think he’s Larry Hoover?