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Rhymeshow Presents The New Social Platform for Hip-Hop

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London, UK, June 9th 2013,

As the sales in live music have begun to rise Rhymeshow has been created to improve the
quality of online data for hip-hop concerts, provide insight into the culture and solutions for a live
music genre that possesses tremendous influence and spending power.

Launched on May 30th 2013, this is an online platform for hip-hop concert data,
recommendation, latest videos, albums, live music-related news and a social platform;
Rhymeshow is establishing its place as a vital online/mobile resource for fans.

“We wanted to create a product that the fans have an organic connection with.
Our value proposition is that we reflect the thoughts and feelings of the culture in
addition to providing a valuable service for Live Hip-Hop.
We come from a starting point of truth and this start-up reflects that culture.”

The idea for the service began two years ago, as we wanted to find solutions to the problems
that face music as a whole. The starting point was to improve the concert experience including
keeping up with live rap shows whilst travelling abroad and concentrating data in one place. The
catalyst was a desire for fans to be provided with an opportunity to experience great live hip-hop
by developing a genre-specific database of all the concerts that they want to see and be
recommending shows from new artists to check out.

Our knowledge of Hip-Hop/Rap fans makes us especially interested in providing a service for the
global hip-hop community. This would provide ease to the online search for when talented new
or favorite artists will be in your city and where to get the best-priced ticket.

To sign up for Rhymeshow while it’s still in Beta go to: Rhymeshow.co

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