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Reality Tea Tuesdays: Who You Callin’ A B****?

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If you’re anything like me, Sunday and Monday nights are full of drama, foolery, and tons of reality. I can’t seem to get enough! From the bougie catfights to the baby mama drama, Reality TV is hot! So here’s a recap, in case you missed it:




So, NeNe and her messy ways are at it again when she tells Peter he is “acting like a bitch.”  Cynthia decides to come to her man’s rescue and calls for a friendly meeting to work things out among the couples. Now, most women would agree with Cynthia, the “B”-word has a way of getting everyone’s blood boiling, and you should never call your friends out of their name. However, NeNe isn’t that far off with this one. Peter always jumps in between the women and tries to pick arguments with them. He is just as messy and drama-filled as they are. Which makes me “Team NeNe” with this one. If the stiletto fits, Peter…

In the end, NeNe gave another questionably sincere apology, stating she simply can’t control what comes out of her mouth. She didn’t mean to call him a bitch, but she did mean to say he was “acting like one”.




Jackie just can’t seem to let the thing that did or did not happen between Draya’s man, Orlando, and her daughter, Chantel, go. The way most of us see it, it wouldn’t even be an issue if she hadn’t said anything in the first place. So when Jackie and Draya are out having drinks and trying to clear the air, it’s no shock when Chantel shows up acting as messy and sounding as crazy as her mother. Draya seems to think it is nothing but jealousy and hate, which I totally agree with. These girls need to get it together and leave Draya alone.

On a positive note, it looks as if British is trying to turn over a new leaf by making nice with Malaysia and Brandy. She truly seems to be trying to play nice…for now. We will be watching closely to see how long this will last.



BLACK INK – I’m Really Hurt!

The Black Ink Crew is Back!! More baby mama drama, more tattoo rivalry and much more from the crazy Dutchess. It appears she has calmed down a bit over the break and is much more in touch with her sensitive side. Like, way too in touch. While it’s understandable she is hurt, Dutchess basically cried the entire show away, with her mom right there to help her get it out. Despite it all, she and Ceaser agree to give their love another shot.

Meanwhile, Sassy and Puma host the grand opening of their own shop, Ink 124. Everyone seemed to get along, except O’Sh*t and his baby Mama. According to him, he is in love with his new baby mama, and ready to settle down. Only it proves to be not so easy when it comes to the baby mama(s) he already has. It’s a new season that promises a lot more tension filled days at the tat-shop. Can’t wait to watch it unfold!

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