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Reality “Tea” Tuesday: We Do Pop Up’s Too

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This week was another good one for reality TV. The drama heats up as tempers flare, emotions overflow and things go crazy! Let’s recap:



Real Housewives of Atlanta – RIP Velvet

Kendra’s furry baby, Velvet, has passed away. And of course, she is dramatically over-the-top about it. According to Kendra, Velvet was let outside and somehow got out of the gate. By the time Kendra found her, she was dangling in the mouth of the neighbor’s dog. Kendra is left devastated, crushed and inconsolable. Now, she is planning a memorial service with the girls. Really?!? Don’t get me wrong, I love puppies. Who doesn’t? But a full blown funeral? I don’t know.

And where is that baby she is supposed to be taking care of? I don’t think she’s doing it right.

Meanwhile, Kandi and Mama Joyce continue to work on their strained relationship by talking with a therapist. Mama Joyce is convinced Todd is no good for Kandi and is only using her for her money. But when Todd reaches out, once again, to try and make things right, it appears Mama Joyce is a bit more receptive this time. Hopefully things will get better soon, seeing as Kandi and Todd got married last week! Congrats to the Newlyweds!!

Porsha finally shows up to a rehearsal for the musical Kandi is putting together. No one knows if she will be ready for the opening show, but she has promised to show up to all rehearsals and take things more seriously. Only time will tell if she lives up to her word and comes through for her friend.


Basketball Wives: LA – We Do Pop Up’s Too

The drama continues between Draya, Jackie and Chantel. This time, Draya and her man, Orlando decide to “pop up” on Jackie and Chantel, causing the entire group to disrupt into chaos. Jackie quickly tries to take over the situation and her and Orlando to get into a heated argument. The entire thing takes an awkward turn when at some point they all agree they are basically saying the same thing. Nothing happened between Chantel and Orlando. However, this doesn’t stop the group of women from screaming at each other and making complete fools of themselves. Way to go, ladies!

Also, Jackie continues to work on creating her own brand of Cognac. She finds out she is going to Paris and can bring the girls along. Of course Sundy was right there, ready to ride the coattails as far as they will take her. Malaysia and Brandi are already invited. Will Jackie invite Draya? We’ll soon find out.


Black Ink – People Make Mistakes

O’Sh*t finally as his day in court for the gun possession that has been pending since forever. Only now some new tapes have been brought into evidence, sending the trial into recess for another month. The waiting is driving him crazy and is beginning to bore everybody else. I mean, send the guy to jail already!

Ceaser’s family shows up at the shop and confronts him about his relationship with his sister, Tiffany. Things quickly heat up when he feels attacked and starts calling her names. Ceaser’s mom tries to step in and help, only making things worse. In the end, Ceaser is left feeling like an outcast in his own family.

Dutchess attends Walt’s baby shower and continues to cry. I’m sorry, but can we please get the old Dutchess back? Oh wait, we’ll be seeing her soon now that Ceaser has jumped in the car with some other woman. This should get interesting real quick!

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  • Krystol Diggs

    Kenya is doing entirely too much. I heard she’s having money issues, and if it’s true, I wouldn’t have a funeral. But, it’s sad what happened to the dog. As dramatic as Kenya is, just get another dog.

    • http://www.sidneyscripts.com/ Sidney Stephens

      You’re right, Krystol, it’s way too much. I had a hard time figuring out how much of her crying and despair was real and how much was added drama for the cameras. I don’t doubt she loved Velvet, but a doggie funeral is just a bit much for my lifestyle.