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Reality “Tea” Tuesday: The Wrath of Mama Joyce Continues

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The drama is still unfolding as our favorite shows come to an end. With two heated reunions and a very telling finale, it’s been another satisfying week for Reality TV. Let’s recap:


kandi-joyce-1398783399Real Housewives of Atlanta – The Wrath of Mama Joyce Continues

The girls continue to discuss the season, but without Porsha. Kenya goes on to get under everyone’s skin, even throwing shade at Phaedra by saying her husband strays. One thing is clear; Kenya won’t be walking away with many friends after this season is over.

Cynthia decides to open up to NeNe and express the lack of respect she feels in their friendship. NeNe responds the only way NeNe can, with a total lack of respect. She showed Cynthia that her feelings just don’t matter to her. Cynthia wishes nothing but the best for NeNe, but says she is done with the relationship.

Mama Joyce joins the cast to talk about her relationship with Kandi. She still isn’t happy with Kandi’s engagement to Todd, but says she will attend the wedding and be on her best behavior. The two get into a minor argument about how much Kandi helps her mother financially, but quickly dissolve the topic, stating it’s no one’s business. It doesn’t appear this relationship is going to get much better than it is, but both the love they share will see them through.


brittBasketball Wives LA – That’s A Kobe Ring!

In a last attempt at “special attention”, Draya decided not to attend the same reunion as the rest of the girls. Instead, she was taped giving an interview with Shaunie O’Neal, the original instigator. Whatever, Draya…

Brittish reveals that her man has been accused of cheating on her, again. When he comes on stage to set the record straight, he displays a big baby-face smile and denies everything. Then, for at least the third time now, he gets down on one knee and proposes to her all over again. Exactly how many proposals and commitment ceremonies does one couple need before tying the knot? To each their own, I guess.

Brandi and Sundy get heated when the topic of their Paris fight comes up. Brandi’s anger rises when Sundy jumps up from her chair and the two go at it. Only they aren’t the only ones throwing blows. A few unknown members of the audience decide to run on stage and jump in the middle of the fight.

In the end, the audience was removed and the girls were able to finish the show, separately.


BlackInkCrewVH1Black Ink – Wait, Is That Another Baby??

Is it me, or was this a VERY short season for the Black Ink Crew? As it all comes to an end, Ceaser and the crew decide to throw a huge party for Sky’s birthday. After all, she is “Queen of the Mixxy’s”. Everyone comes out to celebrate, including Puma and Sassy. The highlight of the party was when Ted was confronted by the dancing “little” person. Who knew the biggest guy in the room could be so scared of the littlest guy? Really, Ted?

Dutchess also decides to show up, with her new pair of ta-ta’s, which naturally (or unnaturally in this case) causes Ceaser to rethink his decision to break things off with her. Unfortunately for him, Dutchess still feels some type of way and wants no part of it.

The jaw dropper of the night was when a new woman named Niecey showed up. Apparently, she is a new piece to the puzzle of O’Sh*t’s past, including the baby she was pushing in the stroller. Yes, that’s right…Another Baby!! This guy is out of control and how he keeps finding girls dumb enough to have his child is beyond me.

As for the future, Ceaser and Puma discussed big changes that could be coming to Black Ink. And that’s not the only change. Walt helped his baby mama, Zenobia, to the hospital where she delivered a healthy baby boy. Congrats to them both!

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