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Reality “Tea” Tuesday : Go Have a Baby!

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Reality TV is known for its outrageous drama. Let’s face it; it’s why we watch! And this week was no disappointment. With reunion blowups and busted friendships, here’s the recap in cased you missed out!



Real Housewives of Atlanta – Porsha, Porsha, Porsha!

The gloves were off in part one of the RHOA reunion. However, it was more of a “Let’s attack Kenya” kind of night. And, as always, Kenya doesn’t make the situation any better. She came ready to battle with the girls, including bringing props to help her make her point. Too bad one got thrown across the room and the other fell apart before she could even use it. Better luck next time, Kenya.

Phaedra and NeNe wore their I’m-too-good-for-this attitudes proudly as they sat with their noses in the air. But that didn’t stop either of them from getting rowdy when it came to Kenya and her African Prince boyfriend. NeNe tried to set the record straight about meeting (or not meeting) the Mystery Man, while Phaedra put her on blast about hiring her last boyfriend.

But the show came to a screeching halt when Porsha finally had enough of Kenya talking about her relationship with her ex-husband, Kordell Stewart. She quickly jumped across the couch and hit her in the face. The girls (and tons of security) pull the women apart and Porsha was immediately disappointed in herself for losing control. But who can blame her, right? A girl can only take so much. Again, better luck next time, Kenya.


658x400Basketball Wives LA: – Go Have a Baby

It’s more of the same with this group of “wives”. They are still vacationing in France and still acting as childish and ignorant as ever. This time, the instigator was Sundy. In an attempt to get Jackie and Malaysia back on good terms, Sundy decides to ask Malaysia and Brandi to breakfast. The girls go, despite being heavily hung-over from the night before, but inform Jackie and Sundy that they won’t be getting into any deep conversations. This pisses Sundy off and Malaysia and Brandi leave. Sundy follows them and causes a big scene in the lobby. Brandi has had enough and calls Sundy every name she could think of. Even some that didn’t make much sense, but she was on a roll and let the names fly. Sundy comes back and says Brandi needs to shut up and “go make a baby”.

Apparently, Brandi didn’t hear Sundy, but leave it to the newbie, Brittish, to go and tell her. Brandi snaps and tries to get to Sundy but Malaysia talks her down. Unfortunately, I don’t think that will help Sundy for long. Brandi will get at her one day…


mgid-uma-video-vh1.com-978620Black Ink – Baby Mama Drama

Dutchess and Ceasar decide they are better off as friends, however awkward that may be. He asks her to come back to Black Ink and, of course, she does. But not without that don’t-talk-to-me attitude. The shop is full of tension when she shows up for work, which may be the exact reason Ceasar coincidently got sick and couldn’t come to work that day. Well played, Ceas. Well played!

O’Sh*t has the bright idea to get all three of his baby mama’s together to try and get some peace among the co-parents. Now, most people would agree with Walt and say who in their right mind would want to put themselves in that kind of hostile situation. But you got to give it to O’Sh*t for thinking about the kids. He desperately wants his children to know each other and be close to one another. Too bad he picked the wrong baby mama’s for all that. Especially his fiancé, Anya. She wants no part of the “one big happy family” scenario and makes it clear she will not be dealing with any girl from her man’s past. Child or no child, she doesn’t deal with bitches!


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