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Reality “Tea” Tuesday: Adventures In Cognac Making

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Things are heating up on Reality TV as tempers continue to rise and attitude is thrown around like a frisbee. Here’s the recap for this week in case you missed it:

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 5Real Housewives of Atlanta – Its Showtime!

Finally, it was opening night for Kandi’s musical and the house was packed. Porsha really stepped up and played her part very well as did everyone else. It appeared to be a real success. Well, to everyone except Mama Joyce. Even though she smiled and said she liked it, she obviously felt some type of way about the way she was portrayed. In the end, she and Kandi once again decided to “agree to disagree” and swept their problems back under the rug.

Velvet was laid to rest, in the middle of nowhere might I add, and it appears Kenya is no closer to moving on than before. She sobbed uncontrollably as Cynthia and her Aunt Lori stood by to witness the emotional farewell. Perhaps now she can get back to taking care of that fake baby that has been M.I.A. for two episodes.  I guess we’ll find out in the reunion show next week what happens with that.

NeNe was unable to attend the opening of Kandi’s musical due to some health problems. She felt some sharp pains in her side and back and after Greg’s initial diagnosis of “trapped gas”, she decided to go to the ER. She found out her lung had collapsed and was ordered to take it easy for the next few days. Get well soon, NeNe!


thBasketball Wives: LA – Welcome to Paris

The ladies arrive in Paris for Jackie’s “adventures in Cognac making”. Everyone but Draya. And once again, Jackie has instigated all the drama. After a day of sightseeing and exploring, Jackie decided to pick a fight with Brandi, which led to Malaysia throwing her hands up and being done with Jackie and her B.S. Jackie, of course, finds no fault her own and plays the innocent victim once again. It seems these girls just can’ t get it together.


WWU-23-1380137420Black Ink – New Beginnings

Dutchess is back…with a vengeance! Ceaser has been caught cheating on her and she is not having any part of it. She calls the police and throws his stuff out of the house. In the heat of the moment, they both say some pretty foul stuff to each other, but they both regret it before the end of the night. There’s obviously a lot of love between them, however toxic it may be.

O’Sh*t, with his ever-so-romantic-self, headed over to the nearest pawnshop to buy his third Baby Mama an engagement ring (I’m sure she’s going to love seeing that episode!). He popped the question at the park, in the middle of a tense discussion, and she immediately said yes. If they hurry, they can exchange vows before the baby is born. Or before he is sent off to prison, whichever comes first. Good luck, guys!

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