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Real Husbands of Hollywood Season Premiere Recap

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Real Husbands of Hollywood is centered around men who are known for being married to famous women, with the exception of Kevin Hart.  Hart is the divorced odd man out, so it’s no surprise that the most of the show’s jokes and jabs are taken at him.  This is evident in the first 30 seconds as the show opens with Hart’s haughty tales of his achievements in the world of comedy.  His bragging is shortly interrupted as a bird defecates on his face and the show really begins.

The show is quick to point out that it doesn’t take itself seriously, so naturally, neither should we.  The real drama of the show begins at Nick Cannon’s party where Hart is mistaken for a small child.  It’s not really a surprise.  At a meager 5’4″, Kevin Hart doesn’t exactly tower over anyone.  Hart is then beaten up by Nick Cannon’s 11-year old cousin after he insults a pie the boy made.

Things turn sour when Hart meets with his lawyer, Trina Shaw, and wants to sue the boy.  Unfortunately for Hart, she won’t acknowledge his claim, and Hart is infuriated even further when he finds out his lawyer also represents Cannon and his other friends.

In an ode to the original sketch that spawned this television series (which has already been picked up for a second season), Hart and his friends sit down for a friendly game of poker at Hart’s home which his has declared “white-free”.  The peace doesn’t last when it is revealed that Nelly invited Robin Thicke to play in place of Nick Cannon.

Tensions are high between the two men and Hart becomes increasingly annoyed with Robin’s casual name-dropping.  Eventually, Robin mentions that he normally plays poker with Prince at this time.  The crew then packs up and heads to Prince’s house sans Hart, who angrily bans Robin from his home.

In all, the show is a light-hearted good time.  It’s reminiscent of sitting around with old friends who mock one another incessantly.  As long as the show avoids going over the top with its comedy (which it came dangerously close to), it should be a hilarious success.  If you missed it, make sure you tune in next week as the drama between Kevin Hart and Robin Thicke thickens.