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R&B Divas Season Premier August 20, 2012

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Tonight I watched the season premier of R&B Divas starring Faith Evans, Syleena Johnson, KeKe Wyatt, Nicci Gilbert and Monifah. The show takes a look into the life of 90’s R&B divas, as they try to reestablish their music careers.

Faith Evans has an idea for a compilation featuring all the “Divas” and it’s gonna be interesting to see how things pan out. It’s a breath of fresh of air to watch a reality show with “real musicians.”

A few of the girls, especially Monifah, seemed to be a little apprehensive about KeKe’s clingy husband Michael and they think he needs to hurry up and find some new friends. Monifah, who is in a committed relationship with another woman, also is not sure if she should bring her “partner” to KeKe’s baby shower because Michael is a pastor.

I really like this show, because it shows the reality of musicians who are struggling like anyone else to maintain their personal and professional lives. The highlight of tonight’s show was watching the girls interact at KeKe’s baby shower and seeing Niki boss the rest of the girls around.

When Monifah’s girlfriend Terez showed up to the baby shower KeKe’s husband flipped out but I didn’t understand because most of the men there were obviously gay. KeKe let Michael know that she supported Monifah and 3 out of 4 of her brothers are gay.

After watching the previews for next week show, it seems like we are in for a little more drama. See you next week!