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Rage A War of Words With Straight Spittin for Android

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Nowadays everyone wants to be famous, and a lot of people think they’ve got the lyrical skills to be a rapper. Thanks to an Android App called Straight Spittin from Appalachian Apps you can put those skills to the test as you rap battle people online.

When you first fire up the game you’ll have to setup an account, and you may have a tough time getting the name you want so be prepared. Once you’re done you can select a beat, hit record and start spittin’. You basically record your rhyme then wait for your opponent to do theirs thus you get the “battle” part of the game. If you want to hone your skills before battling you can rehearse solo, you can also vote on others battles or check out the replay section. The replay section is actually where I spent most of my time as you get to listen to other people spit rhymes at each other. The “quality” of the rappers varies wildly; I heard some people that actually sounded pretty good while others were very, very bad. In an app like this “bad” is actually good as you’ll probably spend more time laughing at the bad rappers than actually rapping yourself. A few of the battles I heard actually got a little heated, so it’s pretty safe to say Straight Spittin isn’t an app you’d want your young kids to have.

If you’ve ever wanted to rap or get into a full out war of words Straight Spittin is your chance to do so without leaving the couch. There’s plenty to keep you busy between rapping, voting, and listening to others battle; you can also purchase additional beats if you don’t like the ones included. There are several different versions of the app with the Straight Spittin Demo, Straight Spittin Real MC, and Straight Spittin MC Pro. The demo gives you 25 incoming and 100 outgoing battles, 25 rehearsals, and 2 pictures. Real MC gives you unlimited battles and rehearsals, 10 pictures, and a 100,000 point sign-on bonus. Mc Pro gives you everything that Real MC has plus 50 pics, 200,000 points, and free entry into contests. You can find all three versions of Appalachian Apps Straight Spittin on Google Play.

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