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Race to the Beat with AvatarLabs Rhythm Racer 2 for Android

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What do music and spaceships have in common? Not much unless you’re playing a little Android Game called Rhythm Racer 2 from Avatar Labs.

Rhythm Racer 2 is kind of a strange cross between Guitar Hero and a space racing game, as you’ll zip through the colorful worlds to the tune of some funky songs. You pilot a starship that’s on a track of sorts, and you’ll want to collect all the little power sphere’s you come across as well as the jumps. The Guitar Hero aspect of the game comes into play with the background track. Every time you hit a power sphere it acts as a note, and if you miss one the background track mutes itself out a bit. Piloting your ship is fairly easy and there are two different ways to do it. You can steer using your phones tilt controls or by sliding your finger across the screen. I had a little difficulty with the slide method at first, but was able to adjust the sensitivity to get my spacecraft moving along at top speed. Rhythm Racer 2 gives gamers 7 different tracks to race to along with the different modes of difficulty.


I just happened to stumble across Rhythm Racer 2 when I was trying to find new music games to checkout, and even though it’s a bit dated it’s still quite a bit of fun. The game hasn’t seen an update since May of last year, but ran with no real issue on my Samsung Galaxy S3. There’s not a lot of depth there, and I wouldn’t count on any more levels but if you’re in the mood for a good quick play game it’s well worth a look. You can check out Avatar Labs Rhythm Racer 2 for free on Google Play.

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