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Q&A with Wolfgang Senges of Songpier

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What inspired the creation on Songpier?

It’s about the lack of information that comes with pure and naked downloads. We were missing the credits and all that. A song deserves more than being kicked out in the web sphere. Fans want to know more. They want to indulge in a world the artist can provide. So we thought, hey, why not provide a mobile app, literally a “song’s pier” where all information can dock.

How does it differ from other mobile application services for artists?

First off, Songpier is not just a mobile application. With our most recent release, Songpier is a gateway to all promotional channels. Add any data to your backend, and it’s instantly and simultaneously pushed to all mobile applications, to common browsers on portables and desktops, and to your Facebook page and shortly to widgets as well. No wasted time. One consistent appearance. Songpier is your home: your app, your EPK, your website, your Facebook page – all at the same time.

Upon second glance, it’s cutting edge technology. Songpier is based on HTML5. Instead of generating separate apps for each platform like iOS or Android, Songpier out of the box runs on every platform and browser that’s compatible with HTML5 – including iPhone and iPad, Android devices, and standard browsers.

Why is it important for an indie artists to have their own mobile applications?

In April 2011, mobile web access peaked at 4% – in January 2012, it clocked in at more than 9%. A study by Nielsen showed that in 2011 44% of online consumers worldwide owned or were about to buy a smart phone. That’s people of all ages, the percentage for young music and tech aficionados is much higher. That’s just the hard facts.

But – when do fans, or even more importantly, potential fans want to access information on an artist? It’s when they are listening to your music. Live music, on their mobile player, or with friends. Now imagine pulling out your mobile, viewing a standard website. Ever tried? Good luck in reading… you need a customized mobile website, even better you need an app. Songpier automatically presents you with a razor-sharp, glossy design on every platform.

What type of marketing tools or programs does Songpier provide to help artists increase their fan base?

The most important one is Songpier’s very architecture. The artist shares a link with his fans. Open the link, and you have the app. On your desktop, the same link shows a full browser view of your app – serving as your EPK or website. Secondly, the artist may limit the number of listens to a song. If the fan provides his email address, he can stream more audio. The email address is the key to personally address fans.

Apart from that, Songpier gives the artist full control. When defining sales links, you are able to link to your own site. More revenue than with iTunes, and fans are sent to *your* site. We don’t ask for percentage or anything like that.

The artist gets a QR Code with every app to share it in the real world. There’s statistics that help you monitor when and where you successfully deployed your Songpier.

And of course, as mentioned before, you can catch up with your fans everywhere. Meaning they can spread the word in whatever environment they prefer: mobile, desktop, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Next, we have the widget version coming up. Looks exactly like the Songpier you are used to, but complete with menu. As with a YouTube video, you can embed the code snippet in any online text. Tell your fans to share and include it on their sites, and even reviewers might use it instead of a picture.

But in the end, it’s what the artist makes of it. If somebody tells you, using their tool makes your sales go boom – wrong. First, it’s your music. Tools only help you to promote that. More important than the tools themselves is the way you are using them. Be creative in your strategies. Let fans take live pictures which someone backstage posts to your Songpier. Sample audio live from your fans and upload it. Spread your Songpier’s QR Code, and let the fans find a message within a text field in their Songpier. In the long run, this might turn out to be even more efficient than streaming exclusive tracks – which by nature are limited in number.

Though, to get the most out of your strategies, you need a tool that’s flexible enough. One that stretches beyond borders. And Songpier does.

What are some of the challenges that Songpier is currently facing?

There are a million things we *could* do. The challenge is to keep the focus. Our focus is: artist first. Also, the task of developing an API to easily connect to other services has been quite a challenge for some time. But, it’s coming shortly.

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