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Pusha T My Name Is My Name Review

Pusha T’s My Name is My Name is the first album released this entire year that I truly enjoyed from front to back. I listened to the album, in one sitting, and I immediately started the CD over again; When Drake says his album has no filler, he was really speaking about My Name is My Name. While there are some great hip-hop albums that have come out in the past year, mainly the summer, My Name is My Name is the perfect summer sendoff and great album hands down. By the end of the year, people will remember Pusha T’s debut solo effort as one of the greatest of 2013.

Before talking about any of the songs on the album, the cover is what stands out the most. It’s just a barcode, right? Nothing special. Tech N9ne did it a few years back. However, upon whipping out your phone and launching the barcode scanner app, you get taken to website identifying it as Illuminati, weight, 666 pounds. Right out off the shelves Pusha is making an impression, sort of giving what the skeptics want.

This is my time/This is my hour is the first thing you hear upon pushing play. After being in the rap game for approximately twenty-one years, it’s now his time to shine.  If King Push sounds very familiar to you that’s because the sample used in the song is the same one used in Kanye’s New Slaves track off of Yeezus. It’s the epitome of what an introductory song is; “here’s who I am, here’s what I bring to the table.” Also that last line, Best d-boy all I’m missing is a dash/Difference between me and Hova, resonates so well as a double entendre, despite being a month outdated.

This is the edited version’s cover. Do you sense a certain theme?

My favorite track off the album is Numbers on the Board. The crazy sounds come from a weird track, Pots and Pans by A. King and J. Mattheus, which gives it a unique tune. Pusha’s puns through out the song will have some smirking over how clever they really are. Sweet Serenade has the opportunity to garner much more success on the radio than any other song on the album. It has the production value and Chris Brown to push it forward. Upon listening to the album twice in a row, I had to check the back of the CD to see who was it that placed vocals on the song; it’s weird putting Brown’s voice in some filter but it works.

Speaking of weird, on Hold On with Rick Ross, Kanye West is moaning and groaning in the same vein as Blood On The Leaves on Yeezus, bringing up interesting parallels. In more ways than one, both My Name is My Name and Yeezus are Pusha T and Kanye’s swan song, respectively. Those parallels are evident throughout the entire album.

Another great song is 40 Acres with The-Dream. It has a great hook and is written from a personal place pain. Sonically it sounds great, yes, but listen to the lyrics and you feel as though you listened to someone reading an excerpt from their diary. The back half of the album is jam packed with cameos from Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz (who’s a much better featured artist), Big Sean, Future, Kelly Rowland and Pharrell Williams.

There’s something oddly nostalgic about MNIMN. It has a much more gangster rap feel than most of the albums that come out earlier this year. It’s filled with great production, featured artists, and something very personal, real and raw. When Drake says his album is no filler, he was really talking about Pusha T’s My Name is My Name. There is not one song on the album that is thrown in to just fill a certain spot. Each song is great in it’s own right. Being just twelve songs long, it’s an easy listen.


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