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Should You Purchase Google Glass?

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The sleek Google Glass. Photo from TechRadar.com

The sleek Google Glass.
Photo from TechRadar.com

Google Glass was made available to the public for one day on the 15 of April capitalizing on the public getting back a tax refund. The wearable piece of technology from the Internet behemoth sells for $1,500, about $1,000 more than an entry-level iPad. Google Glass, or simply Glass as it’s known on the official website, is supposed to make life more interactive and fun while also being really easy to use. Worn attached to glasses, or without, the mini transparent glass fixed in front of the user’s right eye displays information, like a HUD (heads-up display) in a video game.

I contemplated buying Glass on the 15 but one thing restricted me from doing so: money. At $1,500 these bad boys don’t come cheap. Plus, now that it’s after the 15 of April, Google isn’t selling Glass to the public. Also, like Google Plus, you need to be invited in order to buy the new tech. However, is the “investment” worth it? Should you purchase Google Glass?

Glass, which was introduced early in 2012, is the answer for people who want to engage more socially with virtual friends while physically engaging in real-world activities; stay connected while staying in touch. Take a look at many of the videos Google released to hype up their new product.

This ad made me want to use Glass just to experience it for myself. The device looked like it was pulled straight off of Tom Cruise’s face in Minority Report. Forget about wearable watches from Sony, Motorola, and Samsung, Google is doing something different and much more practical, of sorts. I’m an early adopter, or at least I would be if I had the money, and I felt the fire in my pocket beginning to build.

Then criticism about distractions while driving, a man getting kicked out of a movie theater, and people having Glass snatched right off their faces. So what, right? The iPhone was the hot item when it came out meaning if you were caught in public with it, you risked being mugged, but that’s beside the point.

Glass is intended to be an extension of a users phone with notifications, messages and phone calls. Why the need to pull out your phone when the call is being Bluetooth’d directly to your face? It’s practical for anyone with his or her hands tied or for those who are too lazy to hold up a phone to their ear.

Glass can more than that, however. In the videos produced by Google, if you are doing something that calls for both of your hands, like cooking, you can bring up recipes right on the device. It can get annoying by having to constantly touch the screen on your device to keep it on, or you having to touch the screen with dirty hands is always a huge gripe. Plus, if I want to take a photo of the cooking process or the final product the camera is built right in. Glass eliminates dirty screens and pulling out phones for photos.

Many of the videos found on the home page of Glass are pretty awesome showcases of what it’s capable of. You can create a recipe or go through schematics of a building to help navigate through it while it’s burning to the ground.

As of right now, I don’t see me using Glass everyday simply because their isn’t a need for me to use it now. I constantly using my phone to browse Reddit when I’m out or I’m using it text my friends. Glass is made for people who need (read: want) to use it for a purpose that benefits the use of hands-free activity. Right now, with limited apps, I don’t see that use. But if you have $1,500 to spend right now, and are invited to become an explorer, than by all means, buy one. If you have one already, leave a comment below with a reason why you love your Glass.

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