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ProStudioApp: Multi-Track Mobile Recording for iOS Devices

ProStudioApp is a mobile recording studio app for the Iphone, IPad & Ipod Touch. ProStudio allows you to record your music anywhere and anytime without the hassle of having to book studio time and dealing with all of the hardware.

The app is similar to the old-school 4 Track Tascam Portastudio that Bruce Springsteen, Wu-Tang Clan, and Weird Al” Yankovic began their careers on. The portability combined with with ability to transfer projects into ProTools for mastering makes ProStudioApp a must have tool for any musician on the go. Below is a brief Q and A that I had this past weekend with the creator of the ProStudioApp, Alex Kissi.

Kelland: What inspired you to create the ProStudio App?
Alex: Honestly to make a long story short, it was another project that we started that we were working on that inspired us to create ProStudioApp. I really don’t want to mention the company that rejected our proposal, but let’s just say they certainly recognize our presence now. Coming from a music background myself, I had an idea of what sort of tools musicians really needed while they were living their daily lives. I worked in various recording studios from Daddy’s House, SONY Studios and many others just learning the trade mixing, playing instruments and ghost producing records. Every time an artist wanted to record and did not  have an engineer on site, it was very frustrating. So this was a major reason we decided to develop in the ProStudio. We wanted to provide anyone the ability to record songs at any given moment instantly. 

Kelland: How did it become so popular among musicians in such a short time?
Alex: It’s was certainly hard work, and countless rest. Also, the demand for the tool was so high, we started to build one, step at a time.  We took advantage of the power of social networks like Twitter and Facebook, and things just grew from there.

Kelland: What are some of the difference in recording with ProStudio App in comparison to recording in a traditional ProTools studio?
Alex: ProStudioApp provides the luxury of having a multi-track recording studio in your pocket. We spent a lot of time on our core audio engine to provide the crystal clear recordings. ProStudioApp works with ProTools also and people have the capacity to transfer their ProStudioApp recording sessions into ProTools for mastering. ProStudio is easy to use, we wanted to make something simple so even your grand mother could record. 

Kelland: It seems like ProStudio is pretty popular among hip-hop artists. Why is that so?
Alex: At first we noticed globally that’s what our users were, but the funny thing is we have Grammy Award winning country singer Brad Paisley using ProStudioApp and he has showed us so much support. We have a lot of work to do, but we are certainly started to cross over to other genres. 

Kelland: Do you have plans for making the app available for the Android Market in the future?
Alex: We get this question everyday, lol. It’s Google that needs time to developing proper API or frameworks for core audio. They have yet to provide this to android developers, so it’s just a waiting game. Apple has been providing these tools for music and film for years.

Kelland: How would you like to see ProStudio App develop in the next 3-5 years?
Alex: We are currently working on a massive project on ProStudioApp and we are excited. We recently created another app called ProRecorder, visit www.novleg.com. So we are just humble to provide great tools. Innovation is the key for improvements in life.