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Prince Serves Pancakes On Single Cover

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If you watch television back in the early 2000s then you should know about a show called Chappelle’s Show. It was on Comedy Central and spawned many quotables and memorable characters, like Prince. Dave Chappelle played him on his show for a skit and it has become a whole other monster.

That skit is memorable and contains some of the best jokes on this side of television. All thought it was dead since Chappelle left the show but Prince, the real one this time, posted a photo of his single cover titled Breakfast Can Wait with Chappelle (as Prince) on it.

The song can be purchased on Prince’s website and a small snippet can be heard on his YouTube channel. It’s great to see Prince utilizing that image for his single. In the skit, if you don’t know, Charlie Murphy and Prince challenge each other to a basketball game and at some point the singer serves Murphy pancakes. My description can’t do it justice, so I suggest you watch it yourself.

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