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President Obama’s Spotify playlist (Unofficial Hip-Hop Version)

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So as most of you have heard Obama joined Spotify and he has a playlist.. Yawns..One of the most interesting things about the Playlist is it doesn’t contain one Hip-Hop song.

Interesting enough, I don’t Vote so who am I to talk? I wonder if Chris Hughes from Facebook is still running his internet campaign? This would probably explain the lack there of.

Politics is cool and we all know Barack isn’t on Spotify, but Mr. Prez how could you do this to us lol.. Am I suppose to believe that a man who eats fried chicken and plays basketball at the Oval Office actually listens to REO Speedwagon and Dierks Bentley? Right…

Anyway, I decided to give you the playlist that Barack didn’t want us to hear..

President Obama’s Spotify playlist (Hip-Hop Version)

1. My President is Black(Remix) Jay-z and Young Jeezy
2. Me Against the World-Tupac
3. Eric B is President-Eric B & Rakim
4. Stop Being Greedy-DMX
5. Why-Jadakiss
6. If I Ruled the World-Nas
7. Ni**** in Paris-Jay-z and Kanye West
8. Don’t Believe the Hype-Public Enemy
9. Without Me-Eminem
10. Kush-Dr. Dre