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Playlost Gets Lost in your Music Collection

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Playlost for iPad was released to the iTunes App Store this week.

This concept music player redefines ‘shuffle’, arranging an entire music library as a randomized, hexagonal grid. Listeners can build playlists through their collection as long, snaking chains. Playlost is a fun way for a user to explore their music, rediscover forgotten songs, or stumble on great new songs they didn’t know they had.

Playlost uses music already in the user’s iTunes library, and the grid is randomized after every launch for a unique experience each time. Playback integrates with iTunes for playback during background or standby mode, and changing tracks from the iTunes or the multitask bar.

The app was written by developer Zach Dicklin, who has previously release the concept as a web app. An iPhone version is planned.

For more information and a demo video, visit http://www.playlostapp.com/