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Playground by Noise Toys:Review 3 out of 5

Smart Phone technology continues to innovate social media experience by syncing your digital media collection to apps such as Playground by Noise Toys. Playground serves as a mobile, digital jukebox for your Iphone. By syncing your Facebook and music subscription services such as “Spotify,” listeners can share their favorite songs with friends on their social networks. Find out what friends and other “Playground” users are listening to by random Genre searching or create your own “playground” to serve as a mobile digital DJ. Spotify members can sync already existing playlists and share them with other “Playground” users.

“Playground” is apart of a new generation of applications designed to bridge the gap between digital music streaming and social networking. By combining digital music services and online radio technology, your listening experience can be random or uniquely based on your personal preferences. A cool and unique feature is the social profile thumbnail bar that shows the other listeners also listening to the same song as you. Through the digital music playground we are finding more ways to uniquely connect with strangers who share common interests with one another.

Noise Toys’ “Playground” application is yet again another example of the future for our music listening experience. As Cd’s, Mp3’s and FM radio become more obsolete, everyday new technology is changing the once completely corporate controlled music world and putting it into the hands of you: the fan, the user, the friend, the network.

Apart from sharing your music listening experience with other users there isn’t anything particularly special about Playground’s capabilities. No catalogue to search unfamiliar music and a very basic interface with no additional information on other Playground users, limiting user interaction. This makes it very basic, therefore it receives a solid 3 out of 5 rating.