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Pias Spotify App Review: Play It Again Sam

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PIAS is a unique new Spotify app featuring the playlists of various independent artists from the UK. Working as a home-base for artists and indie labels, PIAS offers the favored music of some of today’s celebrated indie-rock artists.

Unique indeed in the variety of music showcased, PIAS is a great way to discover music some Spotify users may not be aware of once again giving insight to other genres never before explored. PIAS stands for Play It Again Sam and offers new music weekly to give users incentive to return if they find the music to their liking, which there won’t be any problem with music such as The Pixies and The Temper Trap being some of the featured bands showcased.

The playlists are brief enough to subscribe to and enjoy while working or surfing the web without spending hours to scroll through. I’m always a fan of informative pieces to explain more of the music which PIAS has for every album and band featured.

Another app dedicated to giving users a more inside look as to what music inspires their favorite indie rock musicians, PIAS brings something fresh and needed to the new slew of Spotify applications. I merely clicked on the Singer/Song-Writers Today playlist and haven’t stopped listening yet as I’m very pleased with a music selection I’ve never heard before.

If you’re a fan of exploring new and adventurous sounds I suggest PIAS as you won’t be disappointed by their consistency to adhere to their target market of listeners. I look forward to experiencing more from this cool App and concept and rate it a 4/5.