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Passion Pit “Gossamer” Album Review

“What’s it like- Moby meets MGMT, meets The Guillemots.”

Gossamar, the highly anticipated follow up to Passion Pit’s 2009’s hit album Manners is finally ready for your listening pleasure. This offering is full of everything you like to expect in a poppy dance album; catchy tunes, ripping melodies and infectious beats.

Opening track ‘Take a Walk’ is truly one of those that’s hard to get out of your head; once it’s there its upbeat and acutely addictive melody will really stick in your mind. This song defiantly sets the tone for the treat that is to follow.

As the album elapses Angelakos paints a colourful story of heartbreak, toil and the escapism of many demons.

‘I’ll be alright’ displays an honest message to a failing relationship that you can in fact be okay less that person you previously thought you could not live without. Lyrics such as, “you should go if you want to” are made sincere amid the infusion of some seriously trippy beats and magical vocal tones.

A slight chill encapsulates mid album where Angelakos mixes in some slow R ‘n’ B and descends into a more soulful tone than his usual falsetto. Funky tune, ‘Cried like a ghost’ also displays a more emotional feel to Angelakos usual falsetto tone, where you can feel his anguish for a girl named Silvia, whom he pleads in vain to leave the person who simply does not deserve her. This is mirrored in the words, “Silvia, right back where you came; you’re like a pendulum.”

“Wow”, is how I would describe the intro to ‘Hideaway’ a very mobyesque song with optimistic lyrics,” someday everything will be ok.” The upbeat music coupled with hopeful expression give a true sense of calm and plants the idea of oncoming resolution.

The introduction of ‘Love is Greed’ most certainly brings the album alive with a beautiful little ditty, which if I’m not mistaken was featured in the opening credits of Channel 4 series Skins. Try listening to this MGMT style song without a floating feeling of freedom.

I can’t help but think that coming towards the end of the album Angelakos can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, almost tasting it in ‘It’s not my Fault, I’m Happy.’ Moby meets MGMT on this one, where he accepts no apology for the euphoric emotions exclaiming “It’s not fair, I’m the only one who seems to care.”

Where We Belong

Closing track ‘Where we Belong’ literally encased my spine with shivers. If this is the type of tune your into, you know the sort with magnificent strings and haunting vocals then this may be enough to send you over that heavenly edge. What an amazing end to a great album….

Gossamar, I would safely say is yet another work of genius form the very talented Mr. Angelakos; the master of mixing enchanting music with heartfelt lyrics.

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