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Pandora Internet Radio’s Android App finally get’s a Facelift

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Pandora Internet Radio
We’ve covered Pandora Internet Radio in the past, and told you why it’s one of the best Internet Radio apps around. Well, it looks like the super popular Android app got a much needed makeover this week, and it’s quite a doozy…

I’ll start by saying I’m a big Pandora fan, and while I didn’t think the old look was all that bad there was definitely room for improvement. The Pandora app has basically been totally redesigned and it now has a better looking blue & white skin so it’s got a bit of a Facebook type look going on. Most of the buttons are in the same spots, and the way you search and create stations is basically the same. We do get a nice little drop down menu now though which is a nice added touch. Overall, the app is a lot easier to navigate and certain things like track information is much easier to get to as well. The one thing I wished they had changed and didn’t was the Widget, but overall as a Pandora user I’m very pleased with the changes.

If you’re a Pandora user you’re no doubt familiar with the old look of the app as it really hasn’t changed in forever. I have no doubt that users old and new will like the new look as it’s much easier on the eyes and most importantly easier to navigate. While it’s not a total redo of the app I’m pretty happy with it (except for the widget) and think others will be as well. If you haven’t already updated you can head on over to Google Play and check out the new Pandora.



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