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Pandora App For Android Review

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I’ve been covering Android apps for awhile now, and it’s rare I keep an app on my phone for more than a month. That’s not the case with Pandora App for Android as it’s been installed on every phone that I’ve owned for the past 2 years.

The Pandora app is basically a “personalized” radio station that streams music to your phone or tablet. You select the artists or songs you want to hear and Pandora will take care of the rest. Do you miss the grunginess of the 90’s and Nirvana? No problem, just make a Nirvana station and Pandora will play songs from Nirvana along with any bands it deems similar. Want a little Hova to start your day off? Pandora’s got Jigga man and any other artist you can imagine, and as you can see from the screenshot they have the old (Blueprint is still his best, sorry folks) as well as the new. Keep in mind you may not always get the songs you want, but you can use the skip button if Digable Planets pops up instead of Lil Wayne. Actually, I’m cool like dat’(pun intended) and dig the old stuff so I rarely use the skips.

Another cool feature Pandora has is the ability to give a track the thumbs up or thumbs down. If you hate a song just give it a thumbs down, and you’ll never hear it again. On the other hand, if you hear a song you want to remember later just give it the thumbs up and it will mark it so you can check it out later on Pandora’s website. As for the channels, you can make up to 100 of them which should be more than enough for any music lover.You also have the ability to sort or delete any channels you’ve made, setup Bluetooth for your ride, and change the cell network audio quality if you’re getting skips or hesitation during playback.

The Pandora app is easy to use, and works on almost any device you can think of including Roku Boxes and Blu-Ray players. The app is free to download, but does have some drawbacks with the occasional ad between tracks to go with the ones on-screen. You are also limited to 12 skips per day and 6 skips per station per hour. The whole skip thing can be a bit confusing, but it’s their policy and they seem to change it once a year. As mentioned, Pandora is free to use and there is a paid version that removes the ads and gives you a few other features for $36 dollars a year. You can pick up the Pandora app for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, PC and countless other devices at the links below.

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