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An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

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Under Executive Producers Jay-Z, Dream Hampton, and Wyatt CenacAn Oversimplification of Her Beauty will finally make its way to theaters across the country.  This is renowned visual artist Terence Nance’s first feature-length film.

Nance’s film has premiered at several film festivals across the world, including last year’s Sundance, and was screened at Lincoln Center and the MoMA.  An Oversimplification of Her Beauty is a documentation of the journey that love and romance takes you on.  It follows Nance’s attempt at wooing a young, beautiful woman (Namik Minter) as their relationships toes the line between platonic and romantic.  Nance takes a fanciful approach, incorporating live action video with several different animation styles that all attempt to capture the emotions and memories that go through his mind during a specific moment in time.  In the film, Nance ponders what the content of a memory truly is.  Is it the sum of our experiences or is the experience the sum of us?

This experimental style of film has been met with high critical acclaim and will premiere first in New York City on April 26th courtesy of Variance Films.  By May 17th, the film will expand to other cities.